My experience as a PR

Word PR on newspaper

I was really excited to explore a new area of profession in my life and that was of a PR! We usually have some knowledge and assumptions of things which we want to give a try for. So I also had a picture in my mind of who is a PR, what does this department work for, ethics of a PR professional and what should be their objective or aim for the company’s success. The knowledge I had was a completely theoretical learning from the college.

I had applied for internship at few of the Advertising & Public relations agencies and cleared the interview at 3 places. I then joined as a PR intern in Mindfleck Pvt. ltd, an Ad agency which is located in J.P.Nagar, Bangalore. One of the reason was it is close to my stay and the other important reason which impressed me is that this company had some of the well-known clients. Mindfleck Pvt. ltd is a startup company which is operating in India and UK trying its best to make a niche in the market. It has a small team of young and dynamic people who put in their 100% to achieve the desired results of their clients. The environment here is filled with positivism and high energy which makes it a great place to work in. In the PR department the Public Relations Services is led by one person and I joined in. As it is a startup firm, for me as an intern it was beneficial because i got to work more and learn from it.

As the company’s tagline says “thought that is different from rest”, it has fresh ideas to high-net-worth individuals, political leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and charity heads.  They build a noble relation between the company and the target audience, creates interest, stimulates the brand, reinforces the brand and forms two-way communication.  They also establish positive publicity with effective PR & marketing strategies for the clients that create and maintain the goodwill through interpersonal relationship and online PR.

The practical experience of working as a PR person was quite different from that of what I learnt from the books. Here, I got to learn and work towards delivering the PR strategies and guidance to the clients, help them in handling the communication flow of information by providing well-formulated information, and publicize favorable image of the company in the minds of the target audience to obtain more productive results. I was fortunate enough to get opportunities to interact with the clients regarding their projects and also connect with the media. In PR, media relations are one of the key factors for its success.  I learnt the tactics of negotiation and also got to know how to build rapport with the clients and media. The clients of Mindfleck Pvt ltd. are from various industries like Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Pubs and restaurants, premium clothing and fashion brands. Each industry is varied and it requires tailor-made PR strategies to make its clients unique in this competent market.

I feel it was a right decision of opting this field of profession  in the finest PR Organizations where you do not have to do monotonous work but instead meet new people every day, learn new things, build rapport , multiply your network and most importantly learn to handle any kind of tough situations. Though there is a difference in the practical work from that of a theoretical study, I must say that the theoretical knowledge did come to my help during my work. Overall experience as a PR person in this reputed PR consultancy firm was a challenging, growth oriented and a memorable journey.


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