To COMPROMISE or Not to? 

The moment we hear this word, different feelings or emotions come in us.. Isn’t it? This word may hurt ego in some of us, it seems like giving up, it may seem like defeat, may be weakness, and for some of us it may be love! And ya all these are right in some or the other way or in that particular situation.

Compromise can also mean understanding. Have we ever thought of it? Why do you think the marriages lasted long in the previous generations? Our parents or grandparents have a long lasting relationships or married life. This is because of understanding between them and the major portion of understanding is compromising. Isn’t it better to bend a little than to break the bonding?? This is not only restricted to relationships.

Do we realize that we are compromising in our day to day life knowingly or unknowingly?! The very basic instance that I could tell is how we compromise by understanding with strangers daily. When we ride vehicle there is an understanding between us and the other people who are driving. We make way for the other vehicle to go when we are not in a hurry and our ego doesn’t come into the picture, we understand that a person coming behind  us will overtake and we make way for them or let the person coming opposite to you go first as we know if we also go the same way then neither of us could go further..aren’t all these compromises?? When we can understand the people whom we don’t know and give up on these little things can’t we do the same with our beloved ones?

 But there are things in life in which we can’t and should not compromise too. It may be either in our personal relationship or in general. I feel we should not compromise on our self respect, loyalty, integrity, honesty, discipline and mainly humanity. When we compromise in these then it is not a sign of understanding or love. It is considered as our weakness and inability to be ourselves.Always compromising on anything and everything is also not good and we can’t achieve anything out of it.

Compromise should not be always one way, it should be two way. We should compromise on some things and should not compromise on some things in our life and knowing that difference is all about it.


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